Ralph Lauren Brand Development

Ralph Lauren Brand Development


  1. Comprehend the role of brand, the concept of brand equity, and advantages of  creating strong brands.
  2. Identify the successive branding strategy based on the current case studies.
  3. Research the industry and consumer issues related to the branding strategy.
  4. Develop the brand portfolio with a multi-functional team for a simulated retail organization.


Learning Outcomes:

  1. Encourage critical thinking through the application of branding theories and principles in business situations by evaluating the business plan as well as researching the CBBE building blocks.
  2. Involve in the process of orderly thinking and analysis that is required for logical brand decision-making by performing a SWOT analysis and creating a brand positioning strategy.
  3. Develop a diversity of perspectives with several branding cases by creating different storyboard themes and by using differentiation tools.
  4. Develop interpersonal skills required to express thoughts, ideas, and feelings within a group setting through the media and word of mouth to increase sales and brand knowledge.


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