Final E-portfolio

Turban Takeover

Turban and Turban inspired headbands are the next hottest trend for spring 2012. This Parisian glamour has been seen on tons of runways as well as already being sold in the stores as some cant even keep them in stock.  Fashion is known to recycle itself and this is not the first time we have seen a version of the turban. According to and a lot of fashion history research, “The fur turban was so popular in the 1960’s that it was sold at low-priced hat bars”  (Marcus, 2010).  In today’s society, we sometimes look to street fashion to see what is trending instead of the couture and runway shows. This is called the trickle-up theory as it helps prove that the turban is a hot commodity.


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Fashion meets Technology

Fashion and Technology have definitely converged together whether it’s through social networking sites such as Facebook and Pinterest or online shopping websites. “By 2014, 53% of total retail sales (online and offline) will be affected by the Web, as consumers are increasingly using the Internet to research products before purchasing” (Forrester, March 2010).  This is over half of the total retail sales and I can only imagine how this number will increase in the future.  Personally I love online shopping as I find a larger variety and diversity of clothing. I normally read reviews on my items, which also helps with buying gifts for other people.  Technology is a major part of our society today so it only makes sense that is would combine with fashion.  People can shop online, browse the web for new trends and read fashion magazines anywhere they can use the Internet.  Technology has even become an important element in some products as well. For instance, Nike’s training line of tennis shoes can capture reps, calories burned, and can even send this information straight to your phone. It amazes me how far technology has come and how it is incorporated with fashion. I know we will be seeing even more advanced products and inventions in the future


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Shoes for Orphan Souls

After researching many important causes I have decided to collaborate with the Shoes for Orphan Souls foundation, which provides shoes and socks to orphans and vulnerable children all around the world. “Since 1999, 2.2 million pairs of new shoes and socks have been distributed to children in 73 countries” (Shoes for Orphan Souls, 1999).  I personally have served community service hours at the Shoes for Orphan Souls location in Frisco and absolutely loved it as it was so rewarding and was an experience I will never forget. I would like to come up with a colorful and fun fitness/ yoga line as well as having my own tennis shoes line. If you buy a pair of tennis shoes, 50 percent of the proceeds plus three pairs of socks will go straight to that orphan or vulnerable child.  You will then receive a picture and a bio of the child’s life you just made a difference in and every time you buy something from my line, 50 percent will go that same child.  I think this is important for my customers to physically see who it is they are helping and make a real emotional connection to them.


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I have come to realize that vegan consumers’ ideas on purchasing products are a lot different then the normal consumer.  Veganism is based on deep seeded human feelings of guilt over the rape of the natural world. The companion emotional component to guilt is a feeling of human connectedness to nature.  This means that they are very environmentally conscious and take pride in our planet.  Vegans may only purchase a product made of natural fibers or one that has not been chemically treated.  Eco friendly fibers consist of “organic cotton, silk, wool and other fibers that have not been chemically treated” (Ledet, 2009).  Vegans also refuse to wear anything made of animal fur so those beautiful mink coats are not an option for vegans.

The vegan and Eco friendly lifestyle is a trend that has publicly been on the rise for a few years now. We are seeing the trend in magazines, store advertisements, and it’s the “hot new trend” in Hollywood. The vegan lifestyle is not something that just pops up every few years, even though it’s growth has almost doubled. The concept of the lifestyle has been around for decades. Characteristics of vegans are those who do not eat meat, are skinny but not athletic as they do not have enough protein to be, and are focused towards the younger generation.


Ledet, M. (2009, May 05). Eco-Friendly Fashion. Retrieved from



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