Blogging day # 7- Emerging Fashion Designer

There are many high-end fashion designers that have been introduced over the past two years. One that I personally love just from first glance is Suzanne Rae.  Suzanne had an amazing spring 2012 collection and blew everyone’s socks off during fashion week. “Suzanne Rae is a Brooklyn-based fashion designer who realizes her feminist and feminine designs by employing local talent and supporting local industries” (Thomas, 2011). Suzanne is all about empowering women and this is something that has helped her earn the spotlight. She wants women to feel confident and secure while wearing her clothing. She is also focused on using sustainable fabrics as this also helped her earn the spotlight because this is such a major trend. Women who are environmentally conscious are also supporting her designs, as they are good for the environment. “Suzanne collaborates with local artists to create unique prints for each collection and supports local industries by making all samples in-house and with 100% of production done in New York City’s Garment District” (Roxo, 2012). This is so great as I think its important that no matter how big a designer gets, they stay close to their roots and don’t loose sight of who they are. “Suzanne Rae creates clothing women can actually see themselves wearing. Nothing is over pretentious or crazy and every piece is a staple and can be worn year round- not just for the season” (Vaughan, 2012).   I totally agree with this statement, if I’m going to spend a lot of money on an article of clothing it needs to be durable and something I can wear all year round. Suzanne Rae is definitely a designer that needs to be followed as I think this is just the beginning for her.




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