Blogging day # 3- Fashion Innovators

According to fashion innovators all over the world, color blocking is going to be a major trend this spring.  I have never seen so many new and fresh color combinations as I have so far for this coming season.  All types of styles and colors were hitting the runway during fashion week and now they are hitting the streets and stores. “Spring runways were more colorful than the crowd at a Lady Gaga concert.” Stated Megan Gustashaw from Glamour magazine. I personally love this trend, as I have always been the girl to wear lots of color. Megan’s tip for pulling off this trend is by using no more than 3 colors at a time. This may be challenging for some people so I can see a lot of disaster combinations hitting the streets. According to the New York Daily News, “The clothes to hit the catwalk in the early going showed a continued confidence in the colorblocking, tailoring and easy, elongated shapes that have been trickling into stores and will arrive in force come spring.” I cannot flip through a magazine without seeing a new take on color blocking, the theme for spring seems to be; anything goes. If you are not comfortable with pairing pieces together don’t worry you will still be able to wear this trends as designers have made it easy for you by making ready to wear color blocked dresses and tops.  According to Elle Magazine, color blocking will be the number one trend for spring as it is sweeping over the nation.  In my opinion, you can’t go wrong with color blocking as long as the colors you pair and are the same hues or are mono-toned. For example, you can wear green pants, a purple top, and an orange blazer together as long as they are all jewel tones. You can wear three shades of blue together to create a mono-toned look as well. In today’s fashion culture, I think it’s really what you feel comfortable in as everyone has a different style. Don’t get me wrong, there is still a big differentiation between classy and tacky, sexy and skanky as well as what is fashionable and what is not but we are much more lenient with fashion rules then we were years ago.;slide=0;


2 thoughts on “Blogging day # 3- Fashion Innovators

  1. I am excited to try this trend out! I love spring and the wonderful weather that comes with it. It just puts everybody in a good mood and these colors will only add to that!

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