Blogging day # 1- “Turband” Takeover

According to Websters dictionary, globalization is referred to as “the increasingly global relationships of culture, people and economic activity”. Globalization has a huge impact on the retail industry as it has a unique way of spreading ideas and new style throughout the world. One of the hottest trends for Spring 2012 is the “turband” or turban inspired headband. The inspiration came from the Middle East and without globalization this hot new trend would have probably never made it to the United States. A professor at Fashion University Esmond in Dubai stated, “We can see Arabian styles steadily influencing European and American street fashion, which proves the potential of this emerging niche. In my opinion technology has a lot to do with the speed of styles traveling around the world, which is known as globalization.  The internet, cell phones, fashion magazines, and television all add to this as they help spread new trends. According to and a lot of fashion history research, “The fur turban was so popular in the 1960’s that it was sold at low-priced hat bars.”  I love how fashion recycles itself as it definitely follows a pattern throughout history.  The “Turband” is sold in many different colors, patterns, and style interpretations. I think we will be seeing this on many fashion forward girls all season long.


One thought on “Blogging day # 1- “Turband” Takeover

  1. This is a really cute take on how globalization influences trends! I love how increases in communication technology have allowed American fashion trends to draw inspiration from around the world. This keeps trends always moving forward and much more interesting.

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